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Buy our game in bulk and make a profit for yourself!

November 1, 2010

Our game is currently featured on Appbackr, the first whole sale market for iPhone app.

If you think that our game is worthwhile, you can buy our game in bulk, aka invest, and make a profit for yourself !

How does it work?

Usually: For 1 game at $0.99, Apple get $0.29 and we get $0.70 to split among our team. For 100 games, just time 100.

Now: with Appbackr, you can become our Backer (or Backr in Appbackr term) and buy 100 games at $45.

That $45 goes to us BUT when 100 copies are sold in Appstore, you’ll get back $57 ($12 profit or 25%ROI), Appbackr get $3, Apple get $29

and we get an extra $10.

So in the end: you’ll get back $57 for a $45 investment, we get $55 ($45+$10)  instead of $70.

That means part of our profit goes to you if your help us promote!

Visit Appbackr for more details:


New update available !

October 28, 2010

New update available now !!

Version 1.1 Update:
– Better visual for combo.
– More sound effects.
– Endless mode retuning.
– Smart processing for touches that go out of screen.


First detailed review that we received.

October 17, 2010

Today we are very happy receiving the first detailed review for our game (Upsize Frenzy) from LordGek, a senior member of the Touch Arcade forum.

Since most probably LordGek does not know us, we are truly touched by his effort.

We are also very thankful to all who supported us for the development and sale of this game.

+This is the discussion thread:

+This is the review:

An innovative Looper/Sorting game!

Sure the concept of looping similar guys for points has been done to death previously, but to use that really as a means to sort characters into bigger and bigger entities plus a really great innovation in looping (no need to close the loop yourself, it will auto complete itself once you lift your finger by drawing a straight line from your endpoint back to the starting point).

I also appreciate that, right off the bat, they try to offer something for everyone by having 26 Campaign Levels (unique maps with unique challenges and slowly introducing the player to all of the game’s mechanics) as well as an Endless level (the timer is constantly counting down and only by looping large enough groups can you hope to keep the game going longer). The player must proceed through the Campaign levels in order, and once you complete a level you’ll be given a 1-3 star rating and allowed to go onto the next one. Only got 1-2 stars but just KNOW you can do better? Go ahead and replay any level to your heart’s content until you get that 3 star rating. The Campaign levels, at least from my MR. RANDOM perspective, are nicely replayable as the placement and movement of the individual beasties is random every time you play, all the level dictates is the basic parameters of the level (which beasties you’ll be sorting, the time given to complete the level, the types of hazards, and the map layout). On the other hand the Endless Mode is good ol’ straight scoring fun with you trying to keep the game going as long as possible to score big points.

There are even some additional modes of play you can unlock later once you’ve gotten far enough in the Campaign!

The one basic tip that applies to all modes, group a big batch of individual characters for big points and a time bonus (i.e. more time before the level ends). Just because one of the guys you are looping is a huge accumulation of almost all of the guys of his type on the level, when you loop him and one other single unit of that character type, the game still just sees that as looping two guys (if I lost you already, it will make more sense once you start playing).

4.5/5 (I only deduct it a little bit for its seemingly rough aesthetic edges…but then some of that might be an intentional design decision).

Upsize Frenzy Game Play Video

October 13, 2010

We’ve successfully created a game play video for our game Upsize Frenzy thanks to our member Dang Minh Chau.

This video will give you some assistants to master the game and to develop your very own strategies.


and the larger hi-def version =>


Upsize Frenzy, an interesting iPhone game

October 12, 2010

The Farm Animals are being disturbed by other Wild Animals.
Use your finger to draw fences and group those cute Farm Animals
into big herds in addicting Standard game play.
And finally lead the them to fight against giant packs of Wolves in
the fun packed Battle game play.
Develop your own strategies in this multiple approach game play. You
will always want to give it one more try.

*Game features include:
– Flexible and fun and re-playable game play.
– 26 Standard levels.
– 26 Fun Packed Battle levels.
– 2 Extra levels to compete for Higher Score.
– Cute Upsized Animals.

Please write an honest review on the app store and report directly back here about any bugs.

With best regards,
Team Sky Fort

Thank You!

October 10, 2010

Thank you for supporting us. We will update our content very soon.

For support, please email us at: