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Buy our game in bulk and make a profit for yourself!

November 1, 2010

Our game is currently featured on Appbackr, the first whole sale market for iPhone app.

If you think that our game is worthwhile, you can buy our game in bulk, aka invest, and make a profit for yourself !

How does it work?

Usually: For 1 game at $0.99, Apple get $0.29 and we get $0.70 to split among our team. For 100 games, just time 100.

Now: with Appbackr, you can become our Backer (or Backr in Appbackr term) and buy 100 games at $45.

That $45 goes to us BUT when 100 copies are sold in Appstore, you’ll get back $57 ($12 profit or 25%ROI), Appbackr get $3, Apple get $29

and we get an extra $10.

So in the end: you’ll get back $57 for a $45 investment, we get $55 ($45+$10)  instead of $70.

That means part of our profit goes to you if your help us promote!

Visit Appbackr for more details:

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